We offer our expertise and comprehensive turnkey solutions to a whole host of companies, working in a variety of industries. Following is an account of some of the industries where we are most active.

PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES: Given the significance of the pharmaceutical industry in the society, we make it a point to bring together some of the latest advances in manufacturing practices and technology. All our services and offerings, along with the technology being used, comply with the national and international standards and norms, as established by some of the renowned regulatory authorities including FDA, UNHCO, WHO and cGMP among others.

COSMETIC INDUSTRIES: Cosmetic Industry is one which is bound by the trends in the market. Hence, we plan and execute cosmetic turnkey projects with a fair anticipation of the emerging trends. We also set up flexible production and organisation structure along with ensuring cost effective implementation of the cGMP. All of this culminates into high productivity, low labour costs, and better quality of products, leaner staffing and more profitable operations. The final results are in complete regulatory compliance with EU, FDA and others.

DAIRY INDUSTRIES: Not only is the dairy industry a prospective sector but one which is embroidered by complexity. The genesis of this complexity lies in the constantly rising need for regulatory compliances from various bodies. On the other hand, there has to be an incessant endeavour on maintaining a high plinth of cleanliness, quality and traceability, all of which has to seamlessly blend with the business objective of cost cutting and sustainability. With our experience and the insights, hence, generated, we manage to develop business models which emphasize on simplification and technology to be able to offer flexibility, visibility and efficiency to businesses along with the conservation of resources.

BEVERAGES INDUSTRIES: The tastes of the consumers, in the beverage industry, are altering and thus are the market dynamics. With an enhanced knowledge and information, customers today pay heed to the hygiene being maintained during the production process and adherence to health and safety standards. Hence, the industry players require streamlined process flow and flexibility of operations, which is what we offer through our turnkey solutions. We develop standard operating procedures and automation that are required for more real time productivity, speed and lowest human errors.

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